POEFASHION® Baby Royston Golden Glow Turquoise Jersey Short Sleeve Tee


    This comfortable POEFASHION® Butterfly Tee for growing baby girls will be perfect for your little one to dress as Mommy's little Mini-Me.

    The I AM ELEGANCE Butterfly is on the front and back of this little tee, giving your growing baby girl wings to fly.

    Your baby girl will be in style with a matching outfit to start her journey of being elegant.

    It's never too early to look great! So get your baby this short sleeve cotton jersey tee that's not only stylish, but also comfy, durable, and easy to clean. It's a classic that's bound to become the most loved item in your baby's wardrobe. 

    • 100% cotton*
    • Pre-shrunk fabric
    • Side-seamed
    • Relaxed fit for extra comfort


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